The Hill of Kings

Mythical,mystical, magical encounters,.

Ancient old and new come together to proof a point. Ancient and new mystical evil beings, modern technically constructed giants, fairies and gods. Read how all these beings come together and why.

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“Shrieeek.” What was that noise? Daniel wondered. He was about to shout to see if it was his parents. After he opened his mouth, he immediately closed it, not wanting to give away his presence if the noise he just heard was not made by his parents. He did not like this old house. It was a two-floor red brick house with what used to be a pointy roof.  Something had happened to it. The top point, no longer existed and was now a big flat square. with windows that opened into the attic.  There was a big courtyard with hedges on one side and sheds on the other side blocking the prying eyes of visitors of the Hill of Tara. There are lots of strange sounds. He thought that it must be haunted. It belonged to his great-aunt, he had never seen her, neither had anyone else for the last year. 

The Mystical Hillof Kings is part of the book series Around the World at any Time. It is a page turner of a book that will keep you clasped till the end. Read about how to use the power of your mind to get what you want. Come for a journey to find out how mythical beings are brought back.

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