The Hill of Kings

A magical journey. A desperate mission.
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The Hill of Kings

The first book in the book series Around the the World at any Time

Super human encounters, magical encounters, evil ancestors and much more.

It is a page turner, once you pick it up you won’t want to put it down.

It was the fourth time, in 13 years, that Daniel had moved countries. Being an only child, it was just him and his parents. He had to make friends again. He was going to die from boredom on the Hill of Tara, in the middle of nowhere.

He was wrong, more happened in the first few months than in his entire life. He learns about magic, that all humans can do it by using a simple trick. As everything, it can be used for good or bad.

He meets a He also gets to know people that use it for good. Will Daniel decide to fight for good or evil?

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The Hill of Tara

“In the olden days, the Hill of Tara was an ancient seat of power. It is said that 142 High Kings have reigned from this very spot. A High King ruled over the entire country. This was the official spot of a king’s coronation. The Lie Fail, commonly known as the stone of destiny, stands at the top of the Hill. Legend says that the stone would scream if the potential High King touched it after completing a series of challenges.” A piece from ‘The hill of kings’ by Anouk Beale.

The Lia Fail